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Default LS6 (a, b) NEO

perjantai 25. syyskuuta 2020 klo 0.07.54 UTC+3 Patrick (LS6-b EH) kirjoitti:
We've been looking at this for the LS6-b I co-own. At last check, technical documentation to share with our installer was only for the 4... I'm not sure if they are fully ready on the 6, but they indicate that they are. I gather it's the same part, but may be behind on documentation...

The challenge for us (me) is that the Neo winglets reduce the max cockpit weight (pilot and 'luggage') by 10kg, which for us (me) is a deal-breaker.


the latest info from the factory in late August was that they are expecting to get the certification completed by the end of September for LS6b. I will probably be asking again next week ;-)

BR Veli-Matti