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Default LS6 (a, b) NEO

Hello everyone,
the first LS6 B with Neo winglets exist and already flown in the past.
The process of certification is still going on.

If all goes well, there might be a chance that DG will also deal with winglets on the LS6a. The flutter tendency of the wings of the LS6(a) is probably seen as the big critical point.
From a technical point of view (separation point in the wing and mounting of the winglets) a lot has already been done for the LS6a due to the development of the winglets on the LS6b.
If there will be a change of the allowed weight of the non-load bearing parts of the LS6(a/b) is not known to me yet.

With the LS1 and LS4 the permissible weight of the non-load bearing parts has probably been changed by newer and more accurate calculation methods.

If somebody owns a LS6a and is interested in retrofitting the Neo Winglets he can contact me. The higher the demand is, the higher is the probability that the winglets on the a model can actually be realized sometime.

I hope I could give some useful information and wish you all the best,