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Default The "offical" LXNAV V7 thread

On Sunday, October 28, 2012 5:23:50 PM UTC-7, wrote:
Thanks Richard, I hoped that it might be the firmware! Do you think a temperature offset of 28F would cause 'bad behavior'? 28 seems like a large number. ~Bruce


I think that you have a very early firmware one of the first. Changes were made almost immediately by LXNAV if bugs were found. I remember that bug on the first batch I got from LXNAV in Nov 2011. I set the first V7s up on a bench with a variety of GPS and Displays and went thru all the menus and tested. I believe the bug was in the unit conversion with the temperature.. I make a practice of updating the firmware on all that I sell.

The update procedure and files are published on the LXNAV. Make sure you follow the procedure especially the 115200 Baud rate. If you need help call and we can set a time when you are at the instrument and I will talk you thru the procedure.