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Default The "offical" LXNAV V7 thread

On Tuesday, October 30, 2012 10:39:06 PM UTC, Steve Koerner wrote:
If this is the official V7 thread, then this would be a good place to let it be known that I have an official V7 vario available for sale at just $1200.

It is complete in the original box with both an Oudie cable and an IPAQ type cable as well as all the standard cables and accessories that come with the unit. The unit was purchased from Cumulus Soaring in March of this year. The provided speaker and several cables were never connected. The unit saw only a short period of in panel usage before the ClearNav vario came out and replaced it for best compatibility with my ClearNav unit. It is in perfect condition.

I suspect that this V7 unit may need a software update if you want to run the latest and greatest V7 software -- the latest software can be downloaded from the website and updated in the field. The latest manual can also be downloaded.

Please contact me offline.

Did you not value all the extra info the V7 can display compared to the Clearnav vario (eg speed director at the same time as vario, graphic whole thermal average, and much other stuff)? What advantages does the CN vario give you?