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Default SeeYou and Windows 10

On Tuesday, July 14, 2015 at 8:26:57 PM UTC-7, Bill T wrote:
Do we know if SeeYou 7.11 is compatible with the new Windows 10?
Has anyone tested it in Beta Mode?

I do not want to update my Win8.1 Notebook to Win10 is there is a problem with SeeYou.


It seems to work OK. (SeeYou 7.11 on Windows 10 Pro Evalaution build 10162 running on VMware Fusion) But either way the final bits are not released quite yet and even if it was I'd not rush to upgrade a 'production system'. Ideally your notebook has a large enough drive you can set up two boot partitions and test it for a while yourself... quaint to think people still run Windows on native hardware :-)