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The turtle deck on the Stemme is fiberglass but I already have two
antennae on top of the glare shield.* I'd like to put one on the bottom
of the aircraft.* An ideal location would be on the propeller dome, but
the transponder antenna is mounted on the bottom of that in the middle
fore and aft.* What's the minimum spacing required between a transponder
antenna and a flarm antenna?

Another possibility would be to install an antenna in the engine bay
right at the bottom.* I think the lower cowl is fiberglass, but I'd have
to check.

Since I trimmed the antenna cables to length when I installed them on
top of the glare shield, I'll have problems that may require buying new
antennae.* Bummer...

On 7/20/2019 9:25 AM, wrote:
On Saturday, July 20, 2019 at 10:36:32 AM UTC-4, Dan Marotta wrote:
That's very interesting!

Having both A and B antennae on top of the glare shield in my Stemme, I
get poor results with gliders directly below me (carbon fuselage).* I'll
try this again afterI move the antennae to the canopy rail and see what
improvement I get.

Dan, the benefit of using two antennas is maximized if you separate them as much as possible. That's why I'd like to install the "B" antenna behind the pilot seat, to help reception from the rear. Of course in a carbon fuselage that may not be a viable option. Unless you have a glass-fiber turtledeck, which I gather some gliders do, although the top part of the tailcone would still be in the way.

Dan, 5J