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"Cecil Chapman" wrote in message
Just a pipe dream at this point, but has anyone out there flown from the

Bay Area to Seattle (as the PIC, I mean)? Since my dad lives up there,

thought it might be fun to do someday, but no matter how I look at the
sectionals for the route - some of it doesn't look very 'pretty':

Go up along the coast and you have some airports but they are mostly along
the coast and subject to coastal fog (makes problems for a needed fueling
stop). Go up along I-5 and parts of the route get dark brown really fast.

I have done it many times. Generally, the I-5 route is best unless there are
problems with forecast icing. There are lots of runways you can use for
emergency landings. It can be difficult to cover the entire route VFR,
especially in winter. The hard part is the Siskiyous, which are IFR a lot of
the time and which seem to attract tons of thunderstorms. That is the area
between Redding and Medford, basically.

Going up the coast can get very foggy without any warning at all. Overall, I
have a far easier time going up I-5.