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Michelle P
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I flew half Moon Bay to Everett as part of a Virginia to San Diego to
Everett, WA to Virginia Trip. Quite a short trip in retrospect ;-)

Cecil Chapman wrote:

Just a pipe dream at this point, but has anyone out there flown from the SF
Bay Area to Seattle (as the PIC, I mean)? Since my dad lives up there, I've
thought it might be fun to do someday, but no matter how I look at the
sectionals for the route - some of it doesn't look very 'pretty':

Go up along the coast and you have some airports but they are mostly along
the coast and subject to coastal fog (makes problems for a needed fueling
stop). Go up along I-5 and parts of the route get dark brown really fast.

Anyone do this? If so, what route did you take and why?

Thanks in advance!!!