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Default SeeYou and Windows 10

If I had a laptop with Vista or 8 on it, and wanted to run soaring
software, I would immediately wipe it and install Win7. Is there any
Windoze software out there that doesn't run on 7? Don't understand all
this excessive salivation over an unknown like 10.

To get real work done, install a good Linux in a dual boot
configuration. There's other options, but tend to not be as stable as


On Thu, 16 Jul 2015 09:03:34 -0600, Dan Marotta wrote:

My Dell laptop is 7-8 years old, originally came with Vista, and was
beginning to slow down. I installed a 420 GB solid state drive and it
blazed to new life, though still slow by today's standards due to the
slow boot up protocol. For that reason I installed Win 8.1 and now it's
unbelievably fast (to me). Maybe a solid state disk

is in your future if you don't already have one. I plan to upgrade to
Win 10 before troubleshooting the application glitches that came with
switching to Win 8.1.

On 7/15/2015 7:20 PM, Bill T wrote:
I had to reload IGC Replay on my Win7 machine after Google Eath changed
their software. I have not tried it with Win8.1. That machine crawls
and it came with Win8. I'm hoping Win10 will wake it up.

Maybe if SeeYou and Oudie Updater and IGC would only run on Linux. I've
got an old netbook running Linux Mint. It's a small screen for planning
tasks, but it would be easier to take on trips.