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Default Helicopter trailer

Is there anyone out there? I have been dissatisfied with my trailer that
I'm using to haul my 1,000 # helicopter around. It is basically a car
hauler that I've stripped the springs down to 1 1/2 leaves and put soft car
tires on it to make the ride a bit softer. Even with the reduced springs, a
4,000 # car didn't bottom out the springs. I also want to be able to fly on
and off the trailer. In the desert this is a big dirt avoider. With the
reduced springs I have had 4 spring failures to date and because it is
always the trailing spring, it has just been a nuisance and hasn't caused
any damage. I've been thinking about designing my own trailer using torsion
bars that is designed just for the helicopter and not a general case utility
I had a chance encounter with the president of Kendon Industries. This
company makes ATV and Motorcycle trailers. They are interested in possibly
pursuing a design for a trailer that could be used to haul the helicopters
and provide a soft ride. I'm attaching some of the points to consider in
hopes that someone out there might read this and have some good ideas.
1. Function - land on or load the helicopter in some alternate way? (I'm
biased toward flying on and off with a winch backup)

2. Length - overhang or no overhang? (I want enough overhang for a blade
support structure. I tow with blades installed)

3. Weight capacity - 2,000 lbs? 3,000 lbs? More? (2,000 # limit would
suit me)

4. Accessories - boxes, winches, built in tie down straps and in what
locations, security system, etc? (I can handle this on my own)

5. Purpose - is this best to be a "helicopter-only" trailer, or should it be
appropriate for alternate uses? (I want a trailer designed specifically for
the helicopter)

6. Optimal price?(Less than $4k?)

7. Deck height limitations or preferences? (Accomodate at least a 14" tire)

8. If we could accomplish most of the desired preferences, how likely would
you be to purchase such a trailer? (I want one and will design and build my
own if I can't find an acceptable one)

Other ideas???