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"old hoodoo" wrote:

I just heard a black sheep state on a history channel program that there was one paint stripped corsair (in which Boyington may have
flown (in addition to other aircraft) in combat?). Upon a comment it might be too easy to see in the air, Boyington's response that
it might attract more Japs to him (for him to shoot down). Anyone ever heard of this story. I don't recall reading about it in
Boyington's book but it might not have been a big deal to him.

Blasphemy! How *could* you doubt an old VMF-214 pilot's TINS sea
story? Have you no shame? Remember, some day *you'll* be as old
as those remaining WWII-era Black Sheep are. Will you want
anyone doubting *your* sea stories when you hit that age?
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