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Ron Wanttaja
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On 28 Aug 2005 17:33:16 -0700, wrote:

FWIW the US does restrict foreign-registered ships and planes from
carrying domestic passengers. A Thai Airlines flight that originates at
JFK and stops at LAX to pick up more pax and fuel cannot sell a ticket
for the JFK-LAX segment. Similarly, cruises to Alaska start in
Vancouver rather than Seattle because the ships are all registered
under flags of convenience.

Not precisely true; my parents recently took a cruise to Alaska from Seattle.
But the ship does have to stop at a non-US port somewhere on the journey. My
wife and I took a round-trip cruise from LA to Hawaii last spring...the ship
stopped in Ensenada (Mexico) for four hours on the return trip. Passengers were
strongly warned that they would be unable to leave the ship in Hawaii.

Ron Wanttaja