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Dan Marotta
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Default source for clips or sleaves for Hotelier linkages

I use a hemostat for handling the clips as a gentle squeeze locks them
and I can even let them dangle on the end of the clip's retention string.

I got a bag of 50 chrome plated clips for the Hotelier fittings in my
glider.* I measured the diameter of the spring wire and made a search.*
Here's an example of what you can get from Grainger:

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Lets just say ...."Adaquate" as per Rolls Royce discussing anything
in their sales brochures.



Armand A. Medeiros wrote:
Al wrote:-

Thanks for all the input guys..

I am now the proud owner of a plethora of clips courtesy of Tim at
Wings &



What kind? Chinsy little things that are .004" to large or good ones
like original equipment? Just curious....


Sorry to resurrect this old thread, but my Google-Fu is weak, and in all
my searching online I have not been able to find a source for these
clips. I'm facing needing to comply with the AD 94-001, and can't find
a source for the clips. Anyone have one? It is for a standard
airworthiness certificated glider.

Williams in California . I ordered some clips a couple months ago they
are available in right and left hand. They are not easy to install
through a ASW 20 access hole but are easily tested . Push the button
down if it depresses all the way it's not installed correctly .
I use a medical forceps to work in the ones that are further away from
the access . They seem to go easier after a few assemblies .
Not cheap but better than pins falling out of your hand into the
fuselage .

Dan, 5J