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Default Tail wheel question

On Tue, 18 Apr 2017 07:39:46 -0700, Ron Wanttaja

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This is not just an idea, this is a fact!!

Airplanes normally have a nose wheel and main gear. The rudder or pedals control the direction of the nose wheel in ground taxi, take off and landing maneuvers then the direction of the plane! but tail wheel configuration is far away different. Look for Beaver (tail wheel plane), DC-3 They land on main gear with a little pitch up, then tail is touching ground with low airspeed... but what happen if you lock the tail wheel?? Black Hawk is an utilitarian helicopter, wheels are not for normal landing ! We use that landing when there are a lost of power performance, lost of one engine, or tail rotor emergencies and the tail wheel is locked because is the first wheel touching the ground!!! This is a big difference between this helicopter and tail wheel planes.

REAL plames have tailwheels. Tricycles are for kids - - - -
The Nosewheel design is a relatively recent phenomenon.

Certainly, it only dates back about 106 years....

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