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Default Duster Plans For Sale - BJ-1b fullsize sailplane plans

Looking for a set of Duster Plans?

Here is your big chance!

Jeff Johnson of Poteau, Oklahoma is selling a complete set of original
blue line construction drawings for the Thor BJ-1b Duster wooden
sailplane, serial 334.

Several times a year someone emails around asking where they might
obtain a set of construction drawings to the Duster 13 meter homebuilt
sailplane. There were a total of 371 sets of California Sailplanes
BJ-1b Duster plans sold. That was the entire print run, and the
designer has made it clear that there will be no more. Anyone who
wants to build a Duster needs to have one of these original, numbered

Details follow:
Duster BJ-1b fullsize sailplane plans, hardware

eBay Item Number 4545507881
Auction Ends May-01-05 19:00:00 PDT

"Full set of plans for the Thor BJ-1b Duster sailplane / glider
including five pieces of welded hardware that came with the original
tail section kit. Included are all 12 pages of original plan set # 334
and the following labeled hardwa DSK 8-7, DSK 11-2 (2 each), DSK
11-3, DSK 11-4."

An additional plug for other stuff related to the BJ-1b Duster:

Martin Simon's book "Sailplanes Vol 3 1965-2000"
published by EQIP is now available.
The Thor BJ-1b Duster section is very well done,
including an outstanding new 3-view drawing of the Duster with many
cross section and scrap views added in.

All of the information in the BJ-1b narrative pretty much matches the
Soaring articles.
However- One new tidbit: the author notes that one clean, sealed, well
finished Duster had a measured L/D of 30. (He does not indicate exactly
where he got that.)

In any event, you can order the book from Raul - comes out to just
about $70 incl shipping.

Raul Blacksten
PO Box 307
Maywood, CA 90270 USA