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Thomas Borchert
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Default Lightspeed Zulu - Tell me what you think

Do you have this headset?

Yes. I love it! No pictures, though. It looks pretty much the way it

We took it up together with a Bose. Main impressions of the three
pilots present:

- Bose has a tad less clamping pressure, but pretty much negligible
- ANR spectrum is a little different, but the amount of noise reduction
is practically the same
- Lightspeed has a lot of features (Bluetooth, music input, cell phone
input, sound processing), the Bose doesn't have (m)any
- Music sounds better in the Lightspeed due to enhancement features
(bass, treble, FRC)
- LS has a more "modern" feel to it, but that's obviously very
- LS has the cables from one side to the other hidden in the structure,
very neat
- the price is different (duh!)

Thomas Borchert (EDDH)