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Il giorno sabato 21 aprile 2018 09:50:28 UTC+2, ha scritto:
I'm interested in building a Spratt 103, see I like to hear from anyone with specific information about it's flight qualities, based on the actual experience of flying one or observing its flight.
About 200 plans have been sold world wide and as it isn't a 10 year build, surely some are now flying.

The designer sued people that simply said they never see a Spratt103 flying and another people accusing him of having stolen a motor.
He lost all trials.
No Spratt103 is still fliyng in France.
No information on other Spratt103 eventually flying elsewere.
An unique Spratt103 flew in France and crashed, the builder-pilot died.
The designer immediately published on his site a self-defense article, criticising quite everything about the builder as he (the designer) had no responsability...
Still on line:
Also on line this statement: "Really the simplest, the safest and the most economic of all aircraft* *Reasons of lies from some competitors and their complicit medias".
Other statement: "Due to its specificities, the Spratt 103 concept is protected by 5 patents with the INPI as well as by copyright in the 163 signatory states of the Bern Convention".
Asked about the 5 patents he couldn't specify which were.
Read this:
And finally, the red list of bad people...

Can you trust the project?