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Default AN/ALR-3 Radar Warning Receiver info wanted

On Wednesday, December 9, 2009 at 3:44:03 AM UTC-8, John wrote:
I'm looking for info - a TM or scanned data from the TM - on the AN/
ALR-3 Radar Warnig Receiver as fitted to P2V-7/SP2-H aircraft. I have
recent pictures of the equipment if anyone needs to have their memory

The system consists of Receiver R-467/ALR and Control Box C-1933/
ALR-3. The antennas (4) incorporating 1N21 crystal video detectors
were spaced at 90 deg. intervals around the aft fuselage.



I have one of these in pristine shape just unwrapped from its hermetic canister. If you would like another receiver (just the receiver by-the-way), let me know...
doug at dougronald dot com