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"Giz" wrote:

It will be a sad day when the all these squadrons are gone. It was

while it lasted. John Larson LCDR(Ret) VP-90 1984-1994, NAS Glenview

Big surprise. I thought Clinton was bad, Bush is even worse. He
already cut Veterans Benefits by millions of dollars while telling our
troops what a good job they are doing. Talk about 2-faced. At ther
rate he's going I won't be surprised
I've been a republican all my life, but I have to look at this
adminustration and ask "What has he done for the country?"

CPO, UNS, Ret.

He can't fix 8 years of abuse overnight.

How does slashing veterans benefits come anything close to approaching a
fix for what you call "8 years of abuse"? Face it, Bush Jr., like his
pappy, doesn't give two ****s about vets. He talks the armchair "Rah rah
military" talk from the safety and comfort of somebody from a family
wealthy and connected enough to ensure never being sent in harms
way...but at the end of the day, he's like the rest of those do-nothing
privileged stooges at the top and given the choice of protecting his the
already obscene profits of his lackey friends and contributors or
funding programs to benefit those who served their country and even shed
blood for it...will always side with his cronies.

Republican or Democrat, it makes no difference...servicemen are just
their pawns....although Republicans are pretty good about lying to deny

Whatever, believe it or not there are issues that we are more interested in
on base housing, larger pay raises, ect.

These are active duty issues; not veterans ones.

Veterans are more interested in keeping benfits or benefit eligibility
for something like a service-connected disability (maybe taking a bullet
or their country or permanent disability from any number of combatant or
peacetime functions).

I'd like parts to keep my bird in
the air
and FMC. The issues you speak of don't mean **** if we don't come back.
certainly not overpaid, but at the same time I'm not on foodstamps or know
who are. I know that they are out there,

Great, but we're talking about veterans here. Do you undertand the
difference between active duty and veteran? Veterans have already done
there time. It is they who Bush Jr., like his pappy before him, are
slashing benefits for,

the civilian world as well. I hope better things for their future, but
first I want
the best equipment in the world to do my job.
Would you want to show up
with the second best system? The Dems never talk about these issues, since
ultimately it means that some defense contractor (not my favorite people
is going to make a profit.

Yes, and while active duty (bless their souls) eke on by....the civilian
fat cat defense industry makes a killing so that their CEO friends of
our politicians can send their kids, who would never stoop to the level
of taking arms for their country, to the best private schools where they
can booze up womanize up, graduate, and get some position of power where
they can, in the future, send somebody else's lower middle class and
lower classs kids to do the fighting and dying. They'll say nice things
about these kids while they're doing it...but will turn around and slash
their benefits at the blink of an eye.

We should streamline our procurement system
but what we shouldn't do is stop buying. Just the thoughts of a Naval
in a platform facing some Clinton era budget issues.

Well this former Naval Aircrewman is facing up to both Bush's budget the increasing of Voc Rehab disabled vet entitlement from
10% to 20% for eligibility and much much more.