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Default .cai files and windows 10

On Wednesday, July 17, 2019 at 3:42:46 PM UTC-4, Steve Leonard wrote:
On Wednesday, July 17, 2019 at 2:04:45 PM UTC-5, Dennis Cavagnaro wrote:
I would be happy if all badge and records can be submitted with any Oudie file and I have as many days as I would like to submit it. That said can you help me.


I will check on what I have tonight, Dennis. I am currently zero for two on successful (green records) on OLC, but I think I know why on the two I have tried so far this year. I will be running a ground test soon to confirm. But, I had the same initial issue in setting my machine up to handle log files.

I seem to recall getting some sort of message about I had t ask permission from the administrator of the computer. I think I have all the items in the "Downloads" folder that was created with the machine. I have a "CAI" folder there, that has Aero Explorer, and the conversion program in it. The conversion program now goes right to the folder of logs, and saves in the same place.

Steve Leonard
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If you get a "blue V" instead of a "green V" on OLC, no harm done. You still get the "points". So e.g. a flight log from XCsoar, Tophat, IGCdroid, etc are all OK for that.

The time limit for submission to OLC is an OLC policy and it does not matter in that regard what type of file you submit.