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Default Flaps/No flaps...practical difference??

On 8/16/2019 6:59 PM, Dave Nadler wrote:
On Friday, August 16, 2019 at 6:07:44 PM UTC-4, BobW wrote:
Captain Obvious here (maybe)...

There's a world of difference between 'mere' camber-changing flaps (with
or without a 'landing' position) and large-deflection landing-flaps in
terms of steepest-glide-angle at approach-speed, and reduced (compared to
unflapped ships of equal span) stall speed, everything else being equal
(which of course it ain't). The devil's in the details.


Most U.S. pilots w. 1-26 experience would likely agree no other glider
would be their first choice for landing in a small/approach-obstructed
field. I would, too, but for the HP-14 I flew for several hundred hours,
more or less immediately after my 1-26 time...

Reiterating...the devil is in the details in the case of 'flaps.' All
flaps aren't the same - not by a long stretch. I chose large-deflection
landing-flapped ships for all my single-seaters, post-1-26, exactly for
this reason...and continue to believe they're something of a 'lost
religious war' in soaring-land.

I've got an RHJ-8 looking for a home, flaps not quite as effective as
HP-14 but quite frightening to passengers unused to such a treat of a

Oh man..born 40 years too soon, I was! I lusted after this ship (and its two
siblings) ever since I learned of 'em. May yours find a(nother) good home!

Bob W.

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