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Default OLC comment, MOP logging deactivated

At 14:14 24 May 2020, kinsell wrote:
On 5/23/20 9:31 AM, Dave Springford wrote:
Hi Tim,

Sorry, I paraphrased too briefly, but the net effect of the code is

FES typically doesn't meet the noise threshold and that MOP is therefore
necessary, per your last statement.

As Eric asked above, will ENL "hear" an FES that is running at low

power to double your L/D or reduce your sink rate in a thermal?

Anecdotal evidence suggests that it can not and some electric engine

gliders have been seen assisting themselves with power that is not being
recorded in an IGC file by ENL.

However, thanks to @kinsell for reading the OLC rules we now know why

is rejecting FES claims without MOP.

And now, by some miracle, Andre is getting credit for his flight on the
21st. In fact double credit, as the flight was submitted twice. It's
easy to delete flights if you need to resubmit, but only within the two
day time limit.

I just love a Happy Ending...