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FryGuy wrote in message . 41...
I have a couple of questions that are unclear to me regarding being a
safety pilot and operating high performance and/or complex aircraft. I've
tried looking these up in the 2003 FAR but I wasn't able to find a good
answer to my questions. If you could give me the reference in the FAR if
there is one I would appreciate it. Here they a

1) I have a friend who needs to go practice some IFR approaches to stay
current. I am a private pilot ASEL. I'm pretty sure that it is not a
problem with me being his safety pilot but he told me I can log the time
PIC. Is this correct?

2) What are the requirements for complex and high performance aircraft? I
thought that an endorsement was required for planes with retractable gear
and a adjustable prop and another for planes with a greater than 200
horsepower engine. In my log book I see an endorsement line for the HP
(there isn't a FAR reference though) but not for the complex. I looked up
"complex" in the FAR and could not find anything regarding this.

3) Ok, now the combination of the two. Lets say I do need an endorsment
for the complex/HP aircraft. Can I log time as the safety pilot in this
plane if I haven't yet gotten the endorsment for complex/HP? 91.109.b.2
says the safety pilot just needs to be a private pilot with the appropriate
category and class ratings.

Thanks for the information!

Jeff Frey

the reg you are looking for is 61.31, paragraphs (e) and (f). basically,
what jose said is correct -- you may serve as safety pilot without the
endorsements required by 61.31, but you may not act as pic, and therefore
cannot log the time as pic. you can, however, log the time as sic. once
you get the endorsement(s) you can log pic if you act as pic, which must
be by prior arrangement with the flying pilot. [anytime two pilots are
in an aircraft, it is a good idea to settle who is pic prior to the
flight. it is also a good idea to discuss which duties each will perform.]