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Ok, I think I understand now and I'm going to try and summarize what I've
gathered from reading the other posts in this thread. Thanks for
everyone who answered me even though I know this dead horse has been
beaten in the past. Please let me know if I'm wrong.

1) I have a friend who needs to go practice some IFR approaches to
stay current. I am a private pilot ASEL. I'm pretty sure that it is
not a problem with me being his safety pilot but he told me I can log
the time PIC. Is this correct?

Yes, the pilot flying in simulated instrument conditions will log PIC
because he is the sole manipulator of the controls and I will log PIC
because prior to the flight I was designated as the PIC and the safety
pilot. I can only log PIC if I'm properly rated for the aircraft that we
are flying.

2) What are the requirements for complex and high performance
aircraft? I thought that an endorsement was required for planes with
retractable gear and a adjustable prop and another for planes with a
greater than 200 horsepower engine. In my log book I see an
endorsement line for the HP (there isn't a FAR reference though) but
not for the complex. I looked up "complex" in the FAR and could not
find anything regarding this.

61.31(e) and (f). Thanks for helping me find this. I think the Index
should point to these for "Complex" and "High Performance". I have the
ASA 2003 FAR/AIM and couldn't find it right off the bat.

3) Ok, now the combination of the two. Lets say I do need an
endorsment for the complex/HP aircraft. Can I log time as the safety
pilot in this plane if I haven't yet gotten the endorsment for
complex/HP? 91.109.b.2 says the safety pilot just needs to be a
private pilot with the appropriate category and class ratings.

This is kind of answered in the first question but to clear it up I can
log the time as safety pilot as long as I meet the category and class
requirements. To log PIC in a complex or high perfomance aircraft I must
be properly rated. Otherwise I would be considered SIC.