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Default Aviation magazines for sale

I'm helping a friend sell his collection of aviation magazines. Haven't
finished cataloguing them yet but here are the titles. There are about
300 in total, dated 2000 to early 2005 and in like-new condition. Most
are newsstand bought so the covers are free of address labels:

Airways (A Global Review of Commercial Flight)
Published monthly

Air Pictorial/Aviation News
Published monthly

Combat Aircraft (The World's Top Military Aviation Magazine)
Published 6 times per year

Airliner World (The Global Airline Scene)
Published monthly

AirForces Monthly (The World's Leading Military Aviation Magazine)
Published monthly

Aircraft Illustrated
Published monthly

Air International (A More Informed Read)
Published monthly

Aviation Week & Space Technology
Published weekly

Flight International
Published weekly

Overhaul & Maintenance
Published: 10 issues per year


1) New they cost about $3100 CAN (about $2600 US). He's asking $950 CAN
(about $790 US). Is this a fair market price?

2) Which newsgroups are best for selling aviation magazines?

3) He doesn't want to use Ebay (doesn't trust it). How much is he
limiting his market without using Ebay.

4) He prefers to sell locally (Toronto, Canada) to avoid packaging and
shipping. Any tips for selling in or near Toronto?

Any other ideas and suggestions are welcome. Thank you.


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