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Default No guns? No problem. Air traffic controller arrested forallegedly possessing weapon of mass destruction.

In article
David Fritz wrote:

A North Carolina air traffic controller with access to a control tower was
arrested Friday for possessing, transporting and acquiring a weapon of
mass destruction, police said.

Paul George Dandan, 30, was booked along with his roommate, Derrick Fells,
in Charlotte, local reports said.

The arrests arose out of an investigation into a Nov. 3 call to police
concerning an individual with an explosive, according to WCNC in

Police said that Fells admitted building a pipe bomb to use against a
neighbor, but later decided to give the explosive device to Dandan
instead, WCNC and other local outlets reported.

The Federal Aviation Administration immediately fired Dandan after his
arrest and revoked his access to Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

Authorities at the airport stressed that Dandan only had access to an
offsite air traffic control tower.

“The FAA employee only had access to the offsite Air Traffic Control Tower
and had no access to the restricted areas of the terminal or ramp," the
Charlotte Douglas Airport said in a statement. "He did not have access to
any aircraft at the Airport.”

Dandan is being held at a county jail on $45,000 bond, according to the
Mecklenberg County Sheriff's Office.

The FBI is assisting local police with the investigation but said federal
charges aren't expected at the moment.

Dandan was charged with possession of a weapon of mass destruction,
acquiring a weapon of mass destruction and transporting a weapon of mass
destruction, according to a press release.

Fells was charged with three counts of manufacturing a weapon of mass
destruction and one count of possession of a weapon of mass destruction.


Bombs are illegal! A law says so! Lets write another law to
specifically include air traffic controllers and wiring

Oh and we'll pound another nail into the 2nd amendment. Let's
ban primers in ammunition. Yeah, that will fix those bomb