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Ron Rosenfeld
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On Fri, 08 Aug 2003 00:33:21 GMT, FryGuy wrote:

This is kind of answered in the first question but to clear it up I can
log the time as safety pilot as long as I meet the category and class
requirements. To log PIC in a complex or high perfomance aircraft I must
be properly rated. Otherwise I would be considered SIC.

I think you understand it but the use of "rated" in this context is
confusing the issue, since that term is used in 91.109 in a different way
than you appear to be using it.

Rated in this context just refers to category and class (i.e. aircraft,
single-engine land).

To log PIC as a safety pilot, in addition to being "rated", you must also
be current, have the proper endorsements and so forth. In addition, if the
pilot flying is also qualified to act as PIC, you must have made an
agreement with him that YOU would be the PIC. According to FAA legal
opinion, this agreement should be made prior to the flight.

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