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Default 125HP Piper Tomahawk For Sale


I am selling my Piper Tomahawk. If interested, please contact me.

Pics He

My ad on

$25,000 FOR SALE BY OWNER 79 Tomahawk w/125HP. 102kt cruise;
Annual due 08/06; Sterling nose gear STC; 4520TT-200SMOH; 5.8gph
Int/Ext-7. Avmap Geopilot color moving map GPS Velcro mounted to panel
included. Whelen strobes; KX155 digital flip-flop radio with KL209
glideslope; canopy cover; all maintenance records; clean NTSB record;
no liens and owned outright by me for an easy sale. If you're looking
for a simple, low time airplane, this is it. Very nice to fly. Put 100
hours on a year and STILL fly for the next 22 years before a major
overhaul is expected. Why rent when you can own your own Tomahawk!
Bigger and more comfortable than a Cessna C150 or C152 w/excellent 360
degree bubble canopy visibility. See it at KSFZ. Annual is due AUG06,
so if you want this airplane now, I'll deduct a reasonable amount for
your own annual inspection. Delivery within 500 miles may be possible
too, since I'm looking for an excuse to give myself a long cross
country for straight expenses. Contact me today if interested! Thanks.
Contact Nathaniel E. Powell - located Warwick, RI USA
Telephone: 401-286-9791 Posted July 22, 2006