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Default ELT turns on with comm transmitting ???

On Feb 28, 6:16 pm, "R&R Sherwood" wrote:
Looks like your tip worked....added ferrite toroids and moved the antenna
cable about 6 inches further away.
Russell Sherwood

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Russell: Some Diamond DA-40s have a similar problem. It seems to be
related to routing of the radio coax near the ELT control wiring. They
came out with a Service Bulletin which is bsically putting a split
ferrite on the control cable near the E-01. Here is the link: Hide quoted text -

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Sometimes even that doesn't work. We have an ACK in one of the
airplanes that did that at certain airports, implying that certain
frequencies would trigger it. Ferrites reduced the incidence but
eventually I swapped it out for an ACK from another airplane, and now
they're both happy. The factory said that some were more sensitive
than others.