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Default Discus 2 rudder stiff help please

On Monday, August 26, 2019 at 7:55:09 AM UTC-4, India November wrote:
The rudder on my D2b has become very stiff on its hinges during this season. I disconnected the cables at the rudder horn, and it's clear the problem is in the rudder not elsewhere in the control circuit. Removed mylar seals without effect. No visible damage to the rudder, and no foreign objects visible between rudder and fin. Before I remove the rudder, has anyone out there encountered a similar problem? Glider has 650hrs TT, always hangared.

Thanks in advance for all suggestions!
Ian IN

Do you have a bladder relief exit on the fuselage behind the gear? Urine can run backward and up to the first hinge point and cause problems there. If that is the case, move the exit from where it is and to one side of the landing gear structure and have the tube clear the ground a couple of inches. This means you must lower the gear before urinating.