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Corporate News Whores are Evil to All Humans Being - PentagonWon't Probe KBR [GANG] Rape Charges - "Heaven Won't Take [bu****e] Marines" -American corporations actively attempt to MURDER American women, and American"Men" refus

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Old January 9th 08, 02:50 PM posted to rec.aviation.military.naval
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Default Corporate News Whores are Evil to All Humans Being - PentagonWon't Probe KBR [GANG] Rape Charges - "Heaven Won't Take [bu****e] Marines" -American corporations actively attempt to MURDER American women, and American"Men" refus

On Jan 8, 12:26*pm, wrote:

Pentagon Won't Probe KBR [GANG] Rape Chargeshttp://www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/01/08/pentagon-wont-probe-kbr-_n_8...

And American men say.... what??


Corporate News Whores are Evil to All Humans Being


/ / In spite of being evil geniuses of the internet it never occurred
to anyone in Al Qaeda to put Adam Gadahn into Google. So unconcerned
and trusting is this secretive criminal uber-gang that they made Mr
Pearlman their chief spokesman. \ \ As this writer stresses, REALIZE:
CNN, CBC, and FOXNEWS with George Norry, the Demon, make no words over
it.. Fuk, George Norry, that pro-child killing bush bitch nazi whore
for the lawless antichrist, who is nationally broadcasted for blinded
dumb amerikans - who as reported will continue to die US as his
annunciations. All by refusing to demand our interests be defended
with his BLANTANT demonic LYING and cheating of the facts to make
believe his demon con to die further innocents as more murder victims.
Again, the pro-killing of innocent People george norry doesn't own my
voice for Justice, but apparently, he owns amerikans when he says
"We" love to suffer god on a cross as Our Humanity for his stolen
- riches - life is easy: Bush isn't the lawless antichrist being
and so antichrist like. No evidence required for American listeners
to form THEIR won conclusions with the facts so readily available as
'unfound'. George Norry, the child killer will lose, for he is an evil
man, truly evil as opposed to conceiving a better world through
practiced as ourselves.

Israelis Beating Palestinian children with stickshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpPMyQz759k

/ / "Fallujans have now been offered a choice: hand over the
outsiders or get blown apart by the world's most lethal killing
machine, the [dumfuk enemy of MAN] U.S. Marines!" \ \ Bill a
bu****e to save the lives of helpless innocent men, women,
and children of America.

*Heaven Won't Take Marines

LOOK! The lawless bu****e is warring Humanity to bring about
near what was there prior to them attacking.. THINK: they
are trying to bring about the stability that their continuing
conduct decreases through further LAWLESS rape, theft, and
murder. Bill a bu****e for God and America why don't you do
it to save the atheists for Heaven as all included? Bu****es
are evil enemies of US all my friend, enemies of US all.

The Answer


/ / At dawn, armed rebels stormed three police stations in the towns
of Haditha and Haqlaniyah, 140 miles northwest of Baghdad, killing
22 policemen. Some were lined up and shot execution-style, police
and hospital officials. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, believed headquartered
in Fallujah, claimed responsibility for the attacks on Haditha and
Haqlaniyah. \ \ bu****e murdered more than two hundred thousand
innocent souls with a least nine two thousand pound bombs, killing
firstly doctors and nurses, telling the People of Iraq, that Zarqawi
(channel changer Kimmitt admits a total psychop) was a bad guy worth
trying to kill. Reminder: Zarqawi would target his own children, and
brag about it for rotten Rumsfeld! Evil is the deceived disguised.
Bu****e are cop killers as enemies of freedom for America. They
refuse to enforce the public execution of those soldiers who kidnapped
barefooted children and beat them to death on video tape. They refuse
to bill Blackwater for raping American women. REFUSE, as zionist nazi
enemies of Justice for Humanity. Kill a bu****e to save the lives of
the innocent a lawless bu****e enemy targets for murder.


/ / Step 2: Public relations. Tell the world the city we are about
*to storm has been emptied of civilians: \ \

Proud bu****e enemies of God and Man state:


"Heaven Won't Take Marines and Hell Is Afraid They'll Take Over."

See? A bu****e is an enemy of the Family, who rapes and
murders for the demon antichrist thieves. Dishonorable to the
core of what it means to be a free man, they die in cowardice,
too afraid to defend what's right as true. A liar, a thief, a
murderer, that is what a bush whore nazi grunt who states life
must die for as lawlessness. They war Humanity as bush whore
slaves for the escape of the neocon liars for 911. (General
Ahmad funded Atta) They support torture by silence, they
support raping women by silence, they support robbing The
Peoples by silence, and they support killing themselves for
FOXNEWS to continue LYING to America about what it costs to be
a bush bitch who chants routinely, "whore yeah, whore yeah"
Death to the bu****e, death to the enemies of freedom in
Johnny's America to talk openly with the FACTS absent Coast to
Coast hosts Demonic censorship of American voices as Liberty.

1. The ISI's General, Mahmoud Ahmad funded 911's Atta

2. We have video of iron flowing like water from the towers

Eight U.S. State Department Veterans Challenge the Official Account of

Coast to Coast hosts are TRUE traitors to God as our dying
America. They, like CNN, CBC, and the BBC state they read our
emails, and receive our calls. But like Art Bell, they just
ignore our concerns to die for their continuing bounties of
lawless tyranny through demonic proxy. Happy George Norry is
truly a demonic evil force for enslavement of our species.
Sure, he might tell you the NWO is out to get you, BUT, he
will also tell you, you can't do anything about it.
"Truthers" will near tell you the very same thing, again,
absent the two indisputable pieces of evidence, that point
MORE directly at who is personally responsible for closing
criminal investigations; not bin Laden. Bush and Cheney. No
no no no! the "truthers" scream, that would require taking a
stand for freedom against terror, a stand for justice as
America - and Americans would rather die, than admit their
cowardly dying nazi fascist savages for the Zionist Neocon.
Look at the child killer Tatum, pronounced by CNN as a "Hero",
yet, the bu****e, (like Judge "mad dog" Mattis,) freely
confesses without remorse to slaughtering defenseless innocent
children at point blank range for his sadistically demonic
pleasures. And American Gun groups make little of no effort
to identify the culprits, so all of everyone alive can know
where these two true bu****e enemies of Humanity can be found
'escaping'. Never. Tatum, the child killer will not live in
our world as a "free" bu****e, found "innocent" of the crimes
he "freely" confesses to committing against Humanity and God.
Kill a bu****e, and be loved by America as True Liberator.

Death to the bu****e, death to the enemies of Justice as reason
to believe: The truth shall set US free!


/ / HPV Vaccine Hoax Exposed: FDA Documents Reveal HPV "Not
Associated with Cervical Cancer" \ \

(last half hour with newstarget.com)- don't miss Alex going into
godmode earlier either - Wow!

Evil Beyond the Extreme - they want to imprison the dying
American as intelligent while bu****e openly murders women.
Women. Support my call to demand open challenge for public
debate. Please, be real.

Bush administration officials KNOW HPV vaccines cause an
INCREASE in Cancer by 44.6% for women, and men of zionist
america refuse to demand Justice for Humanity, or Justice for
Johnny. Demand WE be allowed to debate bu****e regarding
this, torture, and 911 for God as Liberty. American
corporations actively attempt to MURDER American women, and
American "Men" refuse to phone someone who cares... Support
Johnny's call to allow truth prevail through American public
debates, or don't you good for nothing evil nazi vermin scums.
In Canada, and the USA 'talk' radio circuits promote torture
because blahblahblah - they refuse a ...

read more


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