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  1. Re: But speaking of *good* aviation films...
  2. Re: USA boycotts French Air Show
  3. LF: ACES II ejection seat
  4. Re: New RAAF Air-To-Air Refuelling Capability
  5. Re: OT - For my American Friends
  6. Re: #1 Piston Fighter was British
  7. Specific 4th FG request...
  8. Re: if it aint American then who gives a damn?
  9. Re: Triumphant Tea Bags
  10. Re: Americans propose standing international peacekeeping force
  11. Scrambling fighters
  12. Re: Are UAV controllers pilots?
  13. S.A. Military Aviation Pioneer Dies
  14. Re: unknown aircraft
  15. Re: What is an air combat victory? Pure egoism.
  16. Re: Autogyro Crash - UK
  17. Re: Was Re: British soldiers crying like babies! now medals.
  18. Has anybody checked the ACIG forum-it's been hacked
  19. Re: Flying Fortress Movie
  20. Re: military antenna connector
  21. Man cannot live on Retirement Pay ALONE
  22. Re: FS Luftwaffe books
  23. Re: Israel pays the price for buying only Boeing (and not Airbus)
  24. Re: F-111 fleet flies into safety doubts
  25. Re: F-15 takeoffs
  26. Algerian C-130 down
  27. Hellfire Replacement
  28. Re: Jettisonable Pylons?
  29. Yeah, I got that one...
  30. Re: #1 piston fighter?
  31. Re: Black Widow night fighter - Korean War?
  32. V engined bombers (was: #1 Piston Fighter was British)
  33. Patrick AFB Area Log, Monday 30 June 2003
  34. Re: Ejecting from a B-58
  35. Re: Ignoring the Challenger?
  36. UK/US Stealth Tank
  37. Notice to RAM re: Offending Post
  38. Re: Swedish underground hangars, photos
  39. Dutch military cutbacks
  40. Re: F-23 - final, *final* status?
  41. Re: To Steal an F-86
  42. Missile Sensor Question
  43. Re: "Pilot can't get general to recuse"
  44. Paul "Ace" Chase and 8th TFS Reunion
  45. Re: Origin of "aeroplane"
  46. The Swedish Nuclear Bomb
  47. Alphonse Penaud's Planophore of 1871
  48. Low Cost Shuttle Competition
  49. Scalar Potential Interferometer
  50. Couple of RF-101 Voodoo Questions...
  51. For all to view - worth the wait!
  52. Re: Boeing Set For Huge Profits From Tanker Deal
  53. Vietnam search to continue to find remains of Waterford pilot
  54. Re: KC-767 ????
  55. Cowardice in Battle
  56. Taliban Song - this was cute
  57. Re: First Aircraft to 'use' TFR
  58. Re: #1 Jet of World War II
  59. Re: RF-4 vs RA-5C
  60. Dead F-111 Pilot was only a passenger
  61. Re: Which was the best Polish Biplane of the Spanish Civil War?
  62. Re: Flight TWA 800 was shot down/blown up by Al Quadea?
  64. From Col.Greg Davis USAF (ret)
  65. Re: RAAF gypping pilot widow?
  66. Re: Thoughts at a funeral for a stranger
  67. Re: Biggest Usenet SPAMMER Finally Identified!!! ----- O0wTX1aN
  68. A4 just buzzed Mangere Airport
  69. July 4th, Thank you to all the veterans!!!!!!!!
  70. Luke officials ground F-16s
  71. Fifty six who risked it all for freedom
  72. July issue of Airman available
  74. ATTN: Art Kramer
  75. USA Defence Budget Realities
  76. [Fwd: The end of the Naval Air Reserves???]
  77. Re: Happy birthday USA!
  78. Re: RAF Lyneham expected to close
  79. Re: How long can the B-52 last?
  80. Honor to those who came forward
  81. Joint Russian-French 5th generation fighter?
  82. C-124 Globemaster Links
  83. Re: The written History of the 344th Bomb Group
  84. Re: Big Bertha Thing blogs
  85. Landing gear door operation
  86. Sir George Cayley
  87. Re: Why the Royal Australian Air Force went for Israeli Python-4 AAM's over US AIM-9L's
  88. Branson recreates flight of Cayley's glider
  89. When to start building the B3?
  90. Re: Honor to those who came forward...
  91. Python 5 AAM
  92. WW2 Aircraft Instrumentation Question
  93. RAF 1010 Squadron 75th Anniversary Plate
  94. Re: Charles Lindbergh, racist & Nazi sympathizer
  95. V-1 "aces"
  96. Re: NZ plane lands safely with help from USAF
  97. USS Nimitz in the Persian Gulf ! Update Airshow Action Photo Gallery
  98. Re: When Thunder Rolled Review
  99. Trying to make sense of Vietnam air war
  100. Re: Gulf War 2 Battle Damaged A-10
  101. Not Particularly Impressed with Tuskegee Airmen Propaganda.
  102. Playmate and the Carpetbaggers (B-24?)
  103. Re: Quick post during commercials.
  104. Re: US seeks bases in Australia
  105. International Air Power Review - Vol 8
  106. Re: Boeing Boondoggle
  107. my site
  108. Visit the price of war
  109. Playing Card Deck Shows Way to U.S. Regime Change
  110. If you are looking for a fight...
  111. Re: Is shooting down a V-! better than shooting down an ME 109?
  112. US Marines Land In Liberia...aboard an Mi-8T!!
  113. Marines fight for $48 billion high-tech air fleet
  114. The Tail Gunner Said It: 'I Love Them People'
  115. ADF Pilots/Applicants with BCC removed
  116. RFI: Soviet vs. US/Allied air combat...
  117. Beautiful B-25 restoration.
  118. Rogue State
  119. canopy knife - revisited
  120. Iroquois 73-21763
  121. Meaning/origin of Bravo Zulu
  122. Valkenburg Tower Online!!
  123. Shooting at a Lockheed Martin plant
  124. Rare V-2 Double Launch Pic, WW2
  125. Shooting at Lockheed Martin plant.
  126. Iran Capable of Hitting Israel
  127. Incirlik best in small Air Force bases again
  128. Commander gives Navy airframe plan good review
  129. Air Force Print News for July 7, 2003
  130. Not everybody wants to fight
  131. le bourget 2003 - personal website
  132. NSA releases EC-121 Liberty tapes: no smoking gun
  133. Australia tries to rewrite history of Vietnam War
  134. Eurofighter Costs
  135. Re-Engine B-52 proposal. (I love this debate)
  136. Fly MiG and Sukhoi Jets
  137. What was the US Military Response to Wright's Offer to Sell Them a Flyer?
  138. Re: Lessons to learn from Entebbe
  139. Re: KC-767 vs Re-Mod DC-10's
  140. Atsugi links to host benefits for pilot's kids
  141. Air Force Academy Review Panel Sets Second Public Meeting
  142. NavNews for Tuesday, July 08, 2003
  143. Air Force Print News for July 8, 2003
  144. Air Force Print News for July 9, 2003
  145. B-25 Maintenance
  146. Using the AF to get into Med school...
  147. Aviation/Airshow Pictures
  148. Re: Declassified documents show Israel's 1967 attack on USS Liberty was accidental
  149. Re: Fast jets in Scotland
  150. Re: Inside A U.S. Election Vote Counting Program
  151. weight of a .50-caliber round?
  152. ADF aircrew with basal cell carcinoma removed
  153. Re: 6 reported slain at Lockheed Martin facility in Mississippi
  154. Boeing $241.8 million contract ballistic missile-hunting Airborne Laser
  155. Pilots on jury short list for friendly-fire court martial
  156. B-26s Bombing D-Day Beaches
  157. Arming Global Hawk Draws Conflicting Comments From Pentagon
  158. Re: Python 5
  159. HE-111 crashes
  160. Unusual landings on aircraft carriers
  161. 633 Squadron Mosquitos
  162. Rafael's AIM-AIR IR Missile Countermeasure
  163. RadSat Aviation Website News Extra
  164. Glacier Girl to be at Dayton air show.
  165. Dayton
  166. Air Force Print News for July 10, 2003
  168. Re: In-flight entertainment systems linked to scores of jet 'difficulties'
  169. Kinda funny...
  170. Australia to join the nuke club ?????
  171. Firefly crash at Duxford
  172. Aviation Historian and Photographer Bill Larkins
  174. Re: One of the best Typhoon shots
  175. What it took to get wings in WW II.
  176. Re unusual landings on Aircraft Carriers
  177. Re: Tarver's picks up a chick - 1 attachment
  178. Aviation/Airshow Pictures
  179. My Favorite Wartime Person: Bill Detz
  180. Pictures from Finnish Air Force Museum
  181. finnish airforce museum awesome pics
  182. P-39s, Zeros & A-24s
  183. Re: Wars are never won by "Aces".
  184. Re pilot training dropout percentage.
  185. An American Who Wished Death on Our Servicemembers
  186. re: P-39's, zeros, etc.
  187. P=39's and flat spins.
  188. "Target for Today" & "Thunderbolt": An Awesome WWII DoubleFeature at Zeno's Drive-In
  189. CUrtiss Hawk 75 performance debate
  190. SWPA and P-39s-
  191. b-17b vs uboat 10/27/41?
  192. Age Wasn't a Cause of the Columbia Disaster
  193. WWII glider pilots meet in Sicily
  194. Misawa squadron wins top service award
  195. Air Force Print News for July 14, 2003
  196. Author Derek Wood has died
  197. Flying Legends 2003 - my photos
  198. FAO Des Barker
  199. "France downplays jet swap with Russia"
  200. my aviation photo gallery
  201. FA: SR-71 sunset photos
  202. Re: US (Brit/Japanese/German/USSR) Use of Gun Cameras in Fighters??
  203. AFA cadets head to hills for test of survival skills
  204. RAF Fairford - Parking
  205. V.V. Utgoff Naval Aviator
  206. Status of MIRACL laser system?
  207. Navy pilot's fate now looks grim
  208. Helicopter Crashes in Sicily
  209. Air Force Print News for July 15, 2003
  210. B-36 electrical system Q.
  211. OT Quote found on Web
  212. testing
  213. Gabby's Jug questions
  214. Re: Letter from USS Liberty Survivor
  215. Re: American soldiers are weak...
  216. The UK "Air Force One"
  217. Four crewmembers killed in Sigonella copter crash
  218. Air Force Print News for July 16, 2003
  219. Re: Who killed Stalin? The Jews !!! (Re: The Real Left...)
  220. Re: US Forces Not Going Home Soon
  221. Re: July 17 - Wrongway Corrigan Day
  222. "Blairforce One"
  223. Re: Information request on Evanton Airfield
  224. Putin's IL-96-300?
  225. France Bans the Term 'E-Mail'
  226. Air Force Print News for July 17, 2003
  227. Re: Greatest Altitude without pressure cabin/suit
  228. Re: U.S. Air Force award of four rocket launches this year is likely to be delayed
  229. Nellis on the Blocks (The upcoming 2005 Base Realignment And Closure)
  230. Re: Texas Surplus F-111
  231. Warbirds in Ireland?
  232. Air Force wife, kids found dead
  233. Aircrews `to blame' for most crashes
  234. Fetching the Hurricanes - new articles
  235. Mk46 Torpedo Fin
  236. Performance envelope of the SR-71
  237. Nellis on the blocks?
  238. Re:Blairforce One
  239. Re: 1956 Valiant crash at Southwick, UK
  240. Air Force Print News for July 18, 2003
  241. FS Books USAF, Navy, Marine pilots and planes
  242. Aircraft Designations
  243. Re: launching V-1s from an aircraft carrier
  244. Dayton Airshow Update
  245. Interesting Flying Books from Germany
  246. PING: Gordon - Cracks on the Kaman Seasprite
  247. Nellis? Hpw come....?
  248. Who plays golf at Nellis?
  249. Solomon Islands intervention force
  250. WW2 story about Iwo Jima airplane repairs